Xiao Kai Makeup Toolkit Book

Kai Chang, or Xiao Kai teacher, is a Taiwanese makeup artist and my favourite makeup artist.  He has been in the industry for over 10 years and worked on many Taiwanese celebrities, as well as the Taiwan beauty show TVBS Queen.

I bought his first makeup book a few years back, and when I heard about his latest Makeup Toolkit book – I just had to grab a copy as soon as I landed in Taiwan.

Why is this makeup book called a toolkit book?  Firstly, because this makeup book starts off with the basics of skincare and makeup.  It features heaps of tips, hints and application techniques.


How to conceal pimples

Brown eyeshadow colour combination

Eyeliner how-to

The book focuses on foundation application technique, and in particular contouring.

Contouring for round face

Luminous invisible foundation application

And then the best part – makeup looks with instructions.

See the lines on the right page?  They are perforated lines, and this is the second reason that this is called a toolkit book.  There are 5 themes, each with 4 makeup looks – and the idea is that you can mix and match each of the eye/ cheek/ lips component with each other within the same theme.

Separate the page along the perforated lines, then flip to mix and match!

4 of the 5 themes and the 4 looks within each.

Altogether there are 320 face combos!  Granted, some of the lip and cheeks are similar within the themes, but this book nevertheless gives a lot of ideas!  Plus all of the looks are just gorgeous, and some are out of this world creative (I love my OTT looks)!

Xiao Kai’s book is available in all good book stores in Taiwan, Kinokuniya, or for English-only speakers you can purchase it on YesAsia here for USD$27.89 free shipping.

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Skin Temple’s 1st Birthday Party

Three weeks ago I was invited to Skin Temple Medi Clinic & Spa’s 1st birthday celebration. This is my first event as a Beauty Blogger so I was très excited (thanks Val for bringing me as her plus one)!

Skin Temple was formed in 2002 by cosmetic physician Dr. Alicia Teska and began as a mobile service of various beauty procedures for women in rural Victoria.  One year ago it relocated, expanded and reincarnated as Skin Temple at its current location, offering Melbourne women a premier cosmetic medical facility and luxury Oriental Spa destination.

Dr Teska spoke about her journey in starting her business, and thanked all her clients for their loyalty.

I loved the details in every area of the clinic, and can see that Skin Temple is truly a serene environment for relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration.

The pedicure area

Waiting room – LOVE the white feathers!

Change room – want this at my place

One of the treatment rooms

One of the speciality at Skin Temple, are the Hammam treatments.  The Hammam is a purpose built steam treatment where heat and intense dampness are combined.  Skin Temple also has several complimenting scrub rooms within the Hammam area, with heated tiled beds and suspended shirodhara pots for the application of heated fragrant oils.

Whilst I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing the Hammam treatment, it sounds absolutely divine – and the Hammam areas are spectacular.

Skin Temple also stocks a range of skincare and cosmetics brands, including ASAP, Avène, La Sultane de Saba (for which Skin Temple is the sole distributor in Australia), Invisible Zinc and Restylane.

La Sultane de Saba (Queen of Sheba)

Restylane Skincare – that’s by the same brand as the dermal filler! 

I had a great time at the event, checking out the facilities at Skin Temple, and talking to Dr Teska and Val about all the cosmetic medical procedures on offer 🙂

With Dr Teska

With Val of Ponikuta

And I LOVED the candy buffet!! So gorgeous and delish!

Skin Temple Medi Clinic & Spa is located at 31 Arnold St, Melbourne VIC 3004.  For more details see http://skintemple.com.au/

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Review: Clinique Chubby Stick

As a makeup addict I have something shocking to admit: lip colours don’t excite me much. As long as the texture isn’t ‘draggy’ or dry, and the colour ok, I’ll be happy to wear it. Gloss vs lipstick?  I don’t even care enough to enter into that debate, just what ever I find in my bag will do.

One thing I have been looking for though, is a lip colour that will make my lips candy pink, without making me look like one of the Playboy bunnies.

So I was shocked to my core to find a lip colour that has achieved both: excite me AND make my lips pink – Clinique Chubby Stick.

I have the shade Woppin’ Melon which I have mentioned in 2 FOTD posts already, so I’ll just summarise my opinions:

  • Lightweight and moisturising
  • Shows up true pink even on brown lips
  • I wouldn’t marry it, I would keep it as a dirty little mistress I love it so much

The only negative I feel is that as the formula is so light yet pigmented, it accentuates the creases on my lips.

But never fear!  I topped the colour up with a swipe of Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Lacquer in Morning Mist, which is a colour I love but cannot get to show on my lips.

And magic – the light shimmer blurs the creases, and I have cotton candy on my lips 🙂

Clinique Chubby Stick retails for AUD$35 and is available in 8 colours – I’m definitely eyeing at least another one to add to my makeup collection.

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The Mothership is here: Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend (ABBW)

Beauty Bloggers are a pretty excitable bunch.  Case in point: Urban Decay Naked Palette – squee!  Clinique Chubby Stick – squeee!!  Tom Ford makeup collection – SQUEEEE!!!

But nothing, NOTHING compares to what is happening this month.

As we speak, 85 beauty bloggers Australia wide are quivering with sheer excitement at the arrival of the ABBW: 24th September – 25th September 2011.

The weekend is the brainchild of 2 amazing beauty bloggers: Jacie of YouveGotNail.com, and Kimmi of ThePlasticDiaries.com, and will be jam-packed full of amazing mixer events, workshops, speakers and endless amount of beauty talk!

Say what? SQUUEEEEEEEE!!!!!

The ABBW will of course include attendance of the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS).

IMATS will host a variety of international beauty brands, including Make Up For Ever, Gorgeous Cosmetics, MAC, Kakuhodo to name a few.  I am also super excited for the speaker events, which includes Elessa Jade (of Pursebuzz.com), Rae Morris and Napoleon Perdis.

For me, the ABBW will be twice the excitement as I will be attending both as a beauty blogger and a sponsor 🙂 It also means twice the preparation so in true chaos fashion there are still quite a few things on my To-Do list:

  • Blogger business card – new logo 90% there so will be able to tick this off this week.
  • Killer frock – I always, ALWAYS leave clothes to the very last minute cos I hate shopping so much.  And am still hoping to shed a couple of kgs.
  • Hair – will book for a quick trim & do my roots next weekend.
  • Sponsored event – slowly pulling all the details together.  Reasonably on track.

Good news is I have all the accommodation, flights and function requirements booked. And Imma gonna totally own the dance floor White Chicks style (sorry Jacie).

Are you going to IMATS?  If you’re going as a part of ABBW – don’t forget to back me to win the dance-off! 😀

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FOTD – Doll Eyes

I know my last FOTD post was on monolids (see here), but seeing Lancôme’s latest campaign on their new Hypnôse Doll Eyes mascara has me inspired in another direction. And hey, isn’t part of the allure in makeup the ability to transform oneself?

Before you ask the question – I do have true monolids.  But the process of ageing has made my eyelids more saggy, so now I find strip eyelashes to have the ability to prop my eyelids up and create the creases of open double lids.


  • Nutox Oxyfusion Advanced Serum Concentrate
  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base SPF 50+
  • 1028 Visual Therapy Naturally Fair Foundation
  • Face of Australia Stick Foundation Ivory – used as concealer under my eyes
  • Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder
  • Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Blush Berry Pink
  • Face of Australia Blush Nutmeg – used as contours


  • Face of Australia Eye Definer Brown
  • Laura Mercier eyeshadows – Coffee Ground, Cafe Au Lait, and Fresco


  • GEO Bambi Chocolate circle lenses
  • Solone Magic Waterproof eye pencil black – unbelievable pencil.  Glides on easy, dries to gloss finish and same great staying power as a gel eyeliner.  Line the top lashline with a slight extended wing, and thin line in both the top & bottom inner eye rims.
  • Face of Australia Opulent Eyes – an old limited edition eyeshadow palette.  I used a terracotta colour over the entire socket and a dark suede brown colour over the eyeliner to soften the line.
  • Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner Black – used to enhance the wings extended 0.5cm over the outer corners of the top lash line.
  • Undisclosed mascara – can’t wait to launch this as this has now become my go-to mascara.
  • Princess Lee fake eyelashes No. 7 Bold – slightly denser than no. 7 which is the best selling variant in the Princess Lee range.  But the length is still natural.


  • Clinique Chubby Stick Woppin’ Watermelon – I whisper sweet nothings to this chubby stick whenever I see it, then kiss it all over after I’ve used it.  The word LOVE is not dirty enough to express the adoration I feel for it 😀

I’ve never been one to cam-whore, but couldn’t help myself – the great weather Melbourne finally got this weekend gave fantastic lighting!

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Review: My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask

My Beauty Diary is Taiwan’s most well-known sheet mask brand.  It’s available in all drug stores and convenient stores in Taiwan, and the word is that tourists buy it by the shipper load when they visit.

I’m no exception.  I’ve been buying My Beauty Diary masks for a number of years, and my favourite so far being the Red Wine Enzyme Nano mask, which I mentioned here.

This is a new addition to the My Beauty Diary range – Bird’s Nest Mask.

My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Mask 10 pieces US$12.70

What They Say:

My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask whitens, nourishes and renews the skin.

Bird’s nest extract, a precious ingredient, and corallina officinalis, the so-called “bird’s nest from the bottom of the sea”, intensely enhances skin’s moisture level, and nourishes strongly.  Hydrolyzed soy and rice protein enhance skin’s defence, elasticity and transparency. They also relieve discomfort resulting from dryness.

My Beauty Diary especially recommends this for dry, rough and dull skin.  It is a 3 layer structure which adheres to the skin and delivers the hydrating serum in the middle layer straight to the dermis.


My Experience:

Like all the other My Beauty Diary sheet masks, the Bird’s Nest Mask is packed full of serum – plenty spare to be applied to the neck and back of hands.

The main difference is that this mask is constructed with cellulose fibres, which I find fits heaps better than the traditional cotton fibre type.  It also means that it does not completely dry out after 15 minutes, so all the serum really gets absorbed into the skin.

You can see from the picture above that the mask almost “melts” into the skin.

I don’t know about the renew part of the claim, but I find My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask to have the same immediate effect as the Red Wine Enzyme mask, but more nourishing and has longer-lasting brightening effects.

Oily skin ladies – due to its nourishing nature, I find that if my skin is already feeling a bit congested, this mask does add to the congestion.  For this reason I leave this mask for days when my skin feels dehydrated, and/or after I use a clay mud mask.

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FOTD – Celebrating Monolids

If you were born with monolids, like me, you probably have spent most of your life wishing for double eyelids.  In case you don’t know, monolid is where the upper eyelid does not have a crease.  Double eyelids are desired by most Asians and as a result Asian blepharoplasty (eye surgery to create the crease) is the most common procedure in Asia.

Lately, however, I am starting to embrace my monolids.  What brought this change of heart?  It’s all to do with Estee Lauder’s new face: Liu Wen, and I find her absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

So inspired I did a FOTD: no eyelid tape (not that I know how to use them), no strip eyelashes to “prop” my lids up to create the crease, not even contouring to create the illusion of deeper eye sockets.

The key to this look is to elongate and accentuate the outer corners of the eyes.  The liner is thin on the inner 2/3 of the lashline (so the eyes don’t look rounded), and extended in the downward direction towards the outer 1/3.  Fake eyelashes also only applied on the outer 1/3 and in a slight downward direction.


  • Face of Australia Photo Finish Compact Foundation Ivory
  • Face of Australia Stick Foundation Ivory (as concealer)
  • Face of Australia Translucent Powder
  • Face of Australia Blush Nutmeg


  • Kanebo Lunasol Vacation Ocean Eyeshadow Palette – dark blue on top lashline and outer bottom lashline, pink on the lids, and green along the inner bottom lashline.
  • Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner Black
  • Undisclosed Mascara – new launch to be revealed


  • Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shine Beach House

This is a smokey eye look that would be great for a night out on the town.  Monolids ladies let’s rejoice our uniqueness!

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